Jamie C.


Why Should You Wrap Your Camera?

Picture This

You’re browsing ALPHAGVRD camera skins and you’re a little overwhelmed with all the skin options. You’re wondering if you should even wrap your camera- what if the surface gets damaged by the vinyl? What if the skin pattern you choose disconnects from your creative style? They are all valid concerns of course, but here are a few reasons you should throw those worries out the window and start utilizing ALPHAGVRD camera skins.

As a photographer, you know that wherever you go, your camera goes. This means taking your gear into (sometimes literally) the wild, but that also means your camera is at constant risk of damage. With weather conditions of all extremes, drastic temperature changes, and just general wear and tear, you need something reliable and sturdy to protect your camera. That’s where ALPHAGVRD skins come in- with proper care and maintenance, the water-resistant and scratch proof skins can last for years, guaranteeing your camera’s safety and style.

You Might Wonder

Who’s to say that ALPHAGVRD skins won’t be the reason for damage on your camera? Well, the right material will ensure camera protection from external factors and the skin itself. ALPHAGVRD ensures the quality of all camera skins by producing them with only 3M adhesive. 3M adhesive prevents any residue from clinging onto the camera body while maintaining the perfect level of tackiness for the skin to stay on the camera. Additionally, all skins are precision cut to all respective camera models, making them easy to apply and remove.

Moving on from the more practical reasons, photography in itself is a very creative process, and ALPHAGVRD skins strive to match this. You could think of the skins as an extension of your camera and work, as another way for you to express yourself creatively. With over a hundred of different colors, styles, and textures, there’s definitely something out there to align with your brand vision and aesthetics. ALPHAGVRD is also constantly releasing new skins, so you can switch out your wraps as your own brand develops!

That's a Wrap!

Nothing sparks a conversation quicker than a camera splashed with colors and fun designs. As most cameras bodies are of muted and darker colors by default, ALPHAGVRD skins will help your camera pop out from a mile away. They serve as a great ice breaker as they are a hot topic and gather many questions, and you’ll never know what type of colorful characters you can network just by wrapping your camera! So as you’re picking out a skin for your camera you can rest assured- whatever you decide will keep your camera safe, accentuate your creative outlook, and at the very least, start a great conversation.