Jamie C.


Creating Zack Snyder's Pink Camera

All in the name of Breast Cancer Awareness

Teaming up with RED Digital Cinema

RED Digital Cinema, established in 2005, is well known within the cinema space for their high quality, professional digital cinematography cameras. ALPHAGVRD first began to closely work with RED in the April of 2021, where the Komodo Skin was developed and released. When the RED marketing team reached out again this year, we were ready to create even bigger and better things with them.

We soon realized that we were staring at a glowing opportunity to create a skin for the esteemed American film director Zack Snyder, known for works such as 300 (2006), Zack Snyder's Justice League (2021), and other cinematic pieces. The task was to produce a completely pink wrap for Zac Snyder’s Full Raptor XL for October in light of National Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

The Process

At ALPHAGVRD, our production team exclusively uses a base layer vinyl from 3M for all of our skins. This presented an issue, as utilizing 3M material limits our color choices, and the color pink was completely non-existent.

To solve this, we printed our desired color on top of a 3M developed vinyl base and were able to achieve a nearly identical color match to the Pantone swatch provided by RED. To ensure the vinyl’s quality and resiliency, we layered it with nano-texture.

ALPHAGVRD has completed some out of the world projects, and we’ve wrapped a number of expensive equipment in the past, but the RED XL was a different challenge. With it’s unconventional design, fashioning the different pieces of the skin was difficult. ALPHAGVRD strives to feature skins that are applied as seamlessly as possible, and we often attain this by integrating as many sections of the camera as possible into just one or two pieces. However, since we had limited time with the RED XL, we had to think fast to figure out the best route around all the contours and convex moldings of the camera body, and were able to maintain our consistent, seamless design.

The Results

After two weeks of development, gallons of coffee, and tons of vinyls tested, the skin was completed. We fully wrapped the RED Raptor XL in a glorious pink and had it delivered to Zack Snyder. The process was a difficult one, but something we gladly met head on. It was a learning experience for our entire time, and it is safe to say that Zack was extremely happy with the skin as he stated that “[this skin] is so rad. That is cool.”

We would like to think RED and Zack Snyder again for this opportunity.