Alphagvrd Starter Kit
Alphagvrd Starter Kit

Please note that due to the inclusion of a gift card, we are unable to accept returns or offer refunds for the Starter Kit.

Alphagvrd Starter Kit



Introducing the AlphaGVRD Starter Kit: Your Ultimate Camera Skin Experience! Designed for those on the fence about their camera and lens skins, our comprehensive kit includes a Swatch Kit for hands-on exploration, a $50 or $100 Gift Card covering the kit's cost, and extra surprises to enhance your customization journey

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Products may vary due to limited availibility 

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Metal card design may vary.

More than a 1:1 Value

Practically free at this price.

Metal Gift Card

A digital version will be sent as well.

Color Swatch

Explore our range of vinyl skin options

Credit Card Skin

Try out the application on your cards

Hotshoe Buddy

Add a friend to your camera while you wait for the skins.
 *$100 tier only

Alpha Series SD Skins

Uniquely designed SD card labels to try out

Surprise Alphagvrd products

Unique alpha series products
*$100 tier only

Swatch Kit included!

Discover our most popular designs and patterns before making your purchase! Explore our wide selection to find the perfect look that complements your gear. With our diverse range of options, you'll surely find a style that speaks to your unique taste and personality

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Swatch color cards may vary.


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